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Thursday, July 7, 2022

why doesnt attenborough bbc un help 50 island nations design their own curreny

 whats needed is collab mapping lesson first- eg which island nations either have a best or worst "green" case that can be made a virtual expereince on meta-verse so worldwide students can start replicating best and resolving the worst

islands have many chaleneges - eg water from too little to dring to too much if the world now puts them in annual hurricae alleies

equally isalnds can offer the most wonerful tourism expereince - but smart islands might make thise increasing virtual unless potentail tourists enage with an eco-reasin for visiting (this connects with spaces like majorca which it is said may increasingly share a virtual creator to guide riund the islands green attractions leaving traditional porters to guide the rest); what exciting about the virtual cruratir is the real guest can share that with friends anywhere; more and more the olace becoems world famous with the people who most support ists sustainability progress - this is one overall worldwide curriculla all islands could supprt and the Un could get involved with doing instead of wondowchatting- and why wouldnt the world schools inspired by real cases start asking where elese apart fromislands can we expereince and helpo celebrate green solution to

if islands were even smarter with their coingae they might choose one forst that most needs joint inward investment as a suprport- sri lanka could be one such case but this depends on all island nations building mutual trust as well as iunderstanding which world trade supply routes would welcome and which try to block sri lanka joing in - take a map of the world- and ask which places look like nature's cross-seas - after singapore as number 1 - why wouldnt sri lanka be a joint number 2 of isdland connectors?

if the world can mint coins for naked apes why not islands sustaomnability colaboration?

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