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Thursday, July 21, 2022

could nft 3 help build african health service starting with african youth's greatest health entrepreneur

 if you think you know of a greater african health entrepreneur trajectory than Olamide please tell us - we welcome votes on www.sdgoats.com and with economistafrica.com !

here's some context from my 14th annual update on entrepreneur africa started when my family sampled 1000 muhammad yunus social business books - africa is not a continent i have visited much unlike Asia over 50 visits - so yes this posting jopes it will provoke others to share their inspiration journeys round africa   rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk entrepreneurs who now most need celebrating if web 3 is to be sustainability everything web2,1 failed to be

spencer runs one of new york's africa diaspora networks - we first connected  bronx tv yunus and african diaspora as seen in this 2008 video; The Collaboration Cafe

he's friends with Zambia's newish president and is collating best youth efforts to share with zambia with some help from the rwandas I mentioned who has all the world banks food data

you mentioned you long term play is to try to be nigeria's most youth sustainable virtual university connecting about 14 year of relationships towards that end

I have only ever been at one summit where I got surrounded by nigerian entrepreneur - some of the most amazing ever - that was back in 2010 at mit boston at a summit convened by the family that have built all of bangladesh's digital banking for poorest (both yunus and abed with partners like telenor and soros) and other village networks for the poorest-its a long story but the quadir family bought first bangaldesh mobile licence for about cent in dollar because a world bank consultant had said bangladesh would only ever use under 1 million mobiles thats back in 1995- 

regarding the arlington/dc crossover of what support nigeria and support latin america can do -if dave and his wife havent got no reply from colombia ana in london, my reserve connection would be picking up phone to last surviving contact in OAS https://www.linkedin.com/in/luis-viguria-7ba30a44/
I dont know what to ask Luis unless I am briefed by Dave/Paula- would eg aula want to meet him one to one or what?
anyhow one nigerian over and above any is  
Olamide Brown
Olamide Brown, née Orekunrin (born 1986), is a British-Nigerian medical doctor, healthcare entrepreneur and founder of the Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Group and a director of Greentree Investment Company.
Steve I dont know if your contacts can contact her .https://www.linkedin.com/in/olamideorekunrin/?originalSubdomain=ng If a better Nigeria health system ever develops I would bet she will be in middle of that - story footnoted
At the conference dinner i met nigerians who run africa24tv https://africa24tv.com/ out of paris and i visited their studio while Paris was the hottest capital supporting muhammad yunus - they aim to be the cnn of africa but in a different way- first they tell any african leader passing through paris they will interview her or him but that they equally offer that invite to political rivals. secondly they are looking above all for market sectors that get started and sustained out of africa- they are not that picky how- what they want is african owned business capable of value in global marketplace - they had for example hopes of another nigerian at the dinner table who aimed to build africa's IBM whatever that meant in 2010; there was another lady who also had offices in chicago who wanted to be in the middle of africa's pharma- you certainly cant blame nigerians for boldness but only ola 100% convinced me; i learnt from africa24 a very interesting segmentation into 7 parts of africa which they were actually using for their own roll out - whilst I imagine african experts know of such a septomy if that's a word, it certainly helped me understand out of nigeria to africa how they hoped one day to plant journallsts everywhere collecting best for africa stories
I wanted to mention at one time i though i knew who in kenya connected youth slum banking, mpesa, the legacy of wangaari maathai, as well as the ihub movement- sadly she got sick while trying too hard to help stage obama intitiatives and her whole bank has been ipo'd by what i regard as fraud led by swedish religious groups as well as with the current president turning a legal blind eye. This isnt entirely idle gossip as all of microcreditsummit and support of queen sofia spain muddled with all of the wrong connections of muhammad yunus. I dont understand kenyan election cycle- BUT geneva's 3rd most exciting UN person (trusted by Guterres) in charge of unctad sdg world trade models returned to kenya 2 years ago; previously at unctad he organised jack ma to do 2 things - begin with melinda gates the process which is now UN2.0 (fortunately I know exactly who guterres charged with what is now the 5 year library of digital govtech) and jack ma started tutoring hundreds of young african tech wizards in the good days before Trump stopped all sdg progress-  I guess kenya's trajectory lost or refound to youth sdg collaborations will be clear after the elections. There is also the moringa school -probably best organised model for girl coders - a 7 year project of of audrey cheng who has recently moved to miami to be a director at discord the community space in the middle of NFTs
there are 2 other things worthy of note re african universities- i used to be a good friend of taddy blecher who for 14 years 1998-2012 enjoyed mandela's endoreement for starting a virtually free university in joburg  -taddy totally believed in maharishi saying many oh his incoming students from oprk winfree's school and elsewhere had worse psychological profiles than american GIs until they loved themselves - he suddenly closed down in 2015 - a shame because eg his entrepreneur curriculum had been co-designed with branson

meanwhile the global education summit inaugurated with my hero the late great sir fazle abed - named patrick awuah of ghana's ashesi university its 7th laureate- awuah is interesting as he was at seattle microsoft for at least 10 years (well networked with us tech - at unga 2019 side events facebook ny hosted him) and his foundation remains in seattle; before founding the uni in ghana 10 years ago  did an ma at berkeley on how could a new university get in the middle of african youth development to 2050 assuming a doubling of youth over that time; he is now supported by berkeley's main enetrepreneur dean; ashesi is also backed by ghana president one of the un advocates aims to always be among a collaboration circle of universities shaping africa's youths futures; its easy if relevant to introduce you to the foundation people but awuah himself seems beyond my reach

this leaves one fragile but absolutely vital network- while jim kim was at the world bank - youth were inspired to start a chronic disease network- this globally complimented all of jim kim and paul farmer's global fame ultimately came from infectious diseases tb and being pivotal to the global fund that focused on the treble tb-aids-malaria; at one time because kim's netwirk got funding for a teaching hospital in rwanda the most energetic branch of young chronics was Rwanda - they were doing things like setting up organ banks across africa and clarifying who was africa's point person for ever more rare diseases; I dont know if that still exists now -it was thriving even in new york at a meeting i attended in 2014 but it seems to barely exist on the web any longer
olamide brown is a nigerian brit
her teenage sister died in a traffic accident while on holiday in nigeria- 90% of the country does not have para health ER coverage- so she got a scholarship to japan where she was taught to fly helicopters and singlehandedly started nigeria's only flying doctor service - this was by her mid twenties - probably 3 years ago before covid she brough tout the most compelling report on what a total health service for nigeria needed to look like and fund. She's certainly worth trying to get updates from if anyone can

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