ED: From AbedMOOC.com & Friends Brand Chartering: In large part risks of extinction are an education crisis. United Nations urgent need : happy AI family of avatar curators linking poorest teachers/students to deep Adaptation solutions.
The avatars need to become the number 1 brand id on the metaverse - can you help changeteacher.com? Let's do this in time to celebrate 10000 sdg young storytellers Spring 23 thks to SDGmetaverseprize.org
DAOS & all that jazz: doc on why we are so hopeful educators & students /tech wizardry & community treasuries- can celebrate sustainability generation
....Congrats to UN first ever chaos maths session (starring ed msoft's brad smith, UNEP's Noronha, Welcome Trust's Khokhar , Dept of State'sd Witkowsky -TO reaches General Assembly thursday sept 24 and zoom for all. Great update to 9th jigsaw piece CODES of UN2 Transformation - latest news on 1-8. Special shoutout Mongolia in 14 days your zooms and real hosting have shown cases of people service unique to good in the world
Update Uniting Nations & Humans Sept 2022: 6 years ago, two global village cooperation entrepreneurs heard bad news at Un - year 1 briefing on goal 4 education showed zero chance of reality unless new maps of age of digital interdependence were co-created. Sources at UN Digital Library and witnesses in new York & Geneva share what happened next: Jim Kim world bank and Jack Ma Alibaba Kitsui Geneva UN trade for all; Houlin Geneva ITU (tech for all) Panel of First year-long report Age of Digital Interdependence added eg us’ melinda gates … UAE Al Gergawi; Japan Yuichiro Anzai; Korea’s Sophie Soowon Eom; Estonia’s Kaljurand; google’s Cerf; israel ebay Radinsky; Russia WEForum Youth Marina Kolesnik; Rwanda Ntawari First GDC roundtable lead govs UAE and germany with UNTech Envoy() supporting govs: Japan Denmark UK Canada Switerland France EU LDC represented by Malawi, Lanlocked by Paraguay. Others included: UNCTAD ITU UNDESA(social-economical); Kenya’s Ushahidi; ICANN ; Internet Society; GSMA; Diplo Foundation; Intl ChambersCommerce; Robert Bosch Stiltung; Ford Foundation; European Broadcatsing Assn; Brazilian Internet SteerCom; kazistan egov JSC ICT; Global partners Digital ; World bank; World Economic Forum
which govs were first to help UN leader Guterres with TECH brainstorming gov 2.0 ? Main sponsors tech 1 global connectivity government Uganda with UNICEF ITU. Additional gov support: Rwanda, Egypt Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Niger, European Union (EU) Greece’s Eva Kaili 2020 chair EU Science STDA. Sample others: ACTAI, Alibaba, Ethereum, Gates Foundation Mastercard M-Pesa Lemann Foundation Office of the Deputy-Secretary-General of the United Nations’ UN Secretary-General’s Task Force on Digital Financing of the Sustainable Development Goals (DFTF) United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) World Bank World Food Programme
Sponsor Tech2 Artificial Intel for Good: Govs Finland, France with FutureofLife, Unesco, GlobalPulse, UNESCO and … govs of Slovenia, Singapore, Korea.< Canada, Shitezerland, Malaysia, Brazil , Ghana, EU . Sample others including ITU, DFTF, President of UNGA, WIPO, ARM, Deepmind, Element AI, AAAI. IEEE, Beijing Academy of AI, Tsinghua University, Microsoft, OECD, OpenAI,
50 years ago a billion village women and a former oil company ceo Fazle Abed started networking "Decentralised Pan-Asia Village Investing : NFTs (that wasnt the jargon they used ; for 25 years withour electricity); using SDgoal numbering UN declared in 2015, their 1970s startup networks designed NFT4 3 2 1 and partnership of 5,6 and resilience 7 upwards. We are using SDG code numbers which weren't declared by nations as relevant to gravitate around to 2015. What happened at the end of the 20th C is someone at a silicon valley millennium goals party asked the billion girls envoy to share their knowhow across hemispheres. So the GOUP Global University of Poverty was formed inviting all female graduates to collaborate across communities needed sdg solutions - in other words, NFT world started to to loop the loop 4 3 2 1 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5&17 (ie not PPP but me-too joyful PWomenP) -Is this the right stuff of millennial world's greatest celebrities SDgoats.com and naturally the most loving players sdgs.games (lets co-blog, roadmap, and see what humanlty and AI possible) Thanks to Meta-womens.
related resources : more structured at 15th annual update : worldrecordjobs.com - more conversational innovations.ning.com
1980s TeachforSdgs.com : Norman Macrae (Economist Diarist and Von Neumann's biographer (assistant in asking what goods will peoples do with 100 times more tech every decade started 1980s prepping for his last of 5 decades at The Economist; co-authored with son chris- 2025 report timelined most likely exponential challenges every decade to sustainability/extinction denouement 2030;

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

pivot to chatsdgs and metastorysdgs

 HumanSpring2023 - ED SD  with 3 full collage yeras to go guterres pretrained youth march 2023 at crossriads of 3 events global futrures firums and sdg 5 women and sdg 6 water- here is th hourney:

unga 2023 sdgs starts colege year 23-24

unga 24 global foru, future 24-25 - the reality remains blockchain is the only game for those who have a community solution they wish to open source everywhere as well as educatirs every youth can gain from linking into

unga 25 civil society (anyone valuing under 30s as first cooperation generation) takes back main investment on tech and data

If you blocked from nfrt sdg, pivot to chatgpt ot celebrate sdg viral good storytellers on meta-media

while we keep searching as far as we know only education  of 17 sdgs has nft generated daos ed3dao.com and dreamdao.com both hq in NY but with eg ed3dao opening space for 6000 teacgers who most wnat their students to sustain the world- we continue to syrvey hongkong which is so far ahead of the word in games than maybe one day crypto currency will have jailed all fraudsters & bankman

Its our guess that all open ed system of UN including university need intraprenursgip out of the UB - its peace debates usually at NY hq, its local peace forces and its last mile relief service from refugees to preventing starvation -- if we use aiforgood milennials can minimise how much is spent to value them as first sd gen- i would be surprised if the open uni of sustainability nd all the tech needed costs less than a third of the total value of western pension fybds - but happy to hear your view chrus.macrae@yahoo.cuk - guterres has asked for absolite clarity un auditing each sdg in 2023 summit so he can know the funds that23-24 will need to mobilise via char or meta or good old commynuty kindness

fotuntaelt we also have benchmarks of un egov rankings but please note these transformations were mainly achieved in places where \no vested interests were massively compertng over bus as usual

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

updates on NFT for every sdg - timeline june 2023

 clarification - due to fraud/bankruptcy overtaking much crypto, we are not sure if our goal is an nfr or a dao; we are confident maths so that blockchain serves humanity is an integral search worth of every cooperation entrepreneurs shared time and open spaces

DECENTRALISED -community- investing

what we want to map is a replicable community treasury for any community needing to replicate last mile service solutions to urgent sdgoal - over 50 years now benchmarks from low tech world come frm 1 billiongirls.com / abedmooc.com - bemchmarks from hi-tech world are more chaotic and frast chnaging

for example almost every community could value far more last mile nurses but skills vary between appas for eg elderly whether community is rich or poor and eg saving infants lives in places that until recently had no electricity and so no connection with worldwide life-critical knowhow

- please note in 2023 while we expect anyone reading this knows what apps are - when it comes to virtual health married into apps (ie what metaverse will deliver) its not clear anyone knows what community consequences will rise from that but everyone who loves other humans may need to know at least as fast as artificials develop their intel; this is a challenge my family was first briefed on (global mediation of, EconomistDiary) by von neumann 1951 neumann.ning.com; and is part of the by 40 year intergeneration mapping of extinction versus sustainability scots diaspora and friends share wherever requested chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk 

we are interested in all worldclassdaos.com eg music/arts/maths energise us in parallel to sdgs daos as ways younger half of world can become first sustainability generation but our june 2023 timeline fitted with Un2 advances tech envoy digital roadmapping due to www.sdgmetaverseprize.com deadlines and need for student year 23-24 to converge on UN summitfuture.com summer 2024 ; moreover as the world elaps forward from covid never has there been a time when real and virtual need to make most of each other and design this into 2020s mediaforsdgs (including those who call this web3 or beingai.com metaverse)

we are well advanced in daos for education - see eg ed3dao.com or dreamdao.xyz or share your sightings with chris.macra@yahoo.co.uk -you can also subscribe to our linkedin newsletter www.envoyed3un.com

we have ideas on who needs to lead first 100 knowhow connectorsd of goals 2 foor , goal 3 health. golal 5 scaling women building communities, 6 water/sanitation - again pls share ideas with chris - and where compatible we welcome posting your links

when it comes t goals 16 to 7 - clearly peace daos are urgent but unril purin's war is over its not necessarily even safe to id goal 16 dao leaders- whether we will have mich news on goal 15 to 8 before meeting june 2023 glasgows 265th moral sentiemnts summit depends on much in play

Wednesday, January 11, 2023


If we were to be born again in 2023 we'd probably call ourselves daosdgs.com until ftx nightmares stop making vrypo vilatility poisonous to all calm open spaces students and teachers deserve - we believe a community treasury and cooperation space is needed for 15 of the sdgs with 1&17 being fused as a 16th dao - probably defi dao to end poverty if you are happy with definition of ending poverty= wherever next girl or boy is born she gets a good chnace at life - which logically means every community needs to be thriving round its deepest diversity

of course what a community blends in treal and viirtual worlds also depends on how we design web3 or ed3 - to that exteet we would argue that the dao for education needs to be a convergence for learner centric last mile practices needed for each of other goals

the good and bad Diary news is theat the itu/un2 with www.sdgmetaverseprize.org is on a timeline - by spring 2023 10000 youthful story energies will be  launching segemented into 17 sdg-gravitaed components; assuming there is some way (eg listing at www.twitterversal.com or linkedin) to identify those 17 voices for humanity how do we make sure there is a community dao treasury for each

is this a task that www.ed3dao.com wants to take on as meta-dao? - as hod 390, I also post at ed3 discord - here begins a sample of related questions - happy cooperation 2023 chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

new york recording studios , Flatiron, are currently are main zoom host for all related UN2 Q&A and follow-ups of www.ed3envoyun.com - next session morning jan 18 - ask for zoom invite if you have tike to pop in


One of Obama's broken promises may be getting an update https://www.highereddive.com/news/education-department-low-value-college-list-for-profit-higher-ed/640116/ -should we be designing our own criteria of college value even if we don't go as far as actual rankings? Personally i wont be happy until my 40 year old dream of every person owning their skills certification dashboard and personal trainer  but how to get there after first 30 years of webs being designed to destroy this not easy to map http://www.2025report.com http://www.ed3envoyun.com hod 390