The best news in the world? Whenever entrepreneurs innovate exponentially rising money system to end poverty integrating deeper data than ever before - so the best news of the 78 years of the United Nations was announced 2022 - digital money (nft) to end poverty. Links at There have always been 2 types of exponential system designers whether you call them economists or something else- those who integrate ending poverty into every map they app, and those who do not
& decades of questioning what to do with 100 times more tech per decade - started by economist alumni von neumann princeton 1951

1980s : Norman Macrae started 1980s prepping for his last of 5 decades at The Economist; co-authored with son chris- 2025 report timelined most likely exponential challenges every decade to sustainability/extinction denouement 2030; eg 1980s to prep- reunite russian people with berlin wall expected to fall 1989; start tracking with digital health and jobs rich education gets communally better served everywhere; one way to keep on track was to audit new livelihoods for younger h;lf of the world as shown
1990s norman finished last translation of 1984 report in 1993 with sweden's New vikings; and authored the first complete biography of von neumann ; while also writing weekly column for UK's Sunday Times2010 comprising 30 most human collaborations to end poverty became the legacy project of norman macrae- the japan ambassador to bangladesh staged 2 remembrance parties where macrae's greatest hero of billion women empowerment brainstormed the future- particularly partnerships in missing curricula brac university sought to linkin as the UN prepped for the last goals of uniting youth to be the first sustainability generation not first extinction generation; it took total of 16 trips in 2010s to get to current state - still work in progress since everything microcreditsummit 1997-2017 storytold needs to be mapped more deeply to replicate microfranchsining solutions beyond bangaldesh and to app tech leapfroging eg nft of 1950s Noramn took the 1000 times more question to messina as only journalist at founding of eU and dialogues with JFK celebrated his 100 times more goal of moon race and start of interdependent translational economic mapmakingJapan's Asia Rising models - supervikage/supercities published from 1962 in the Economist - celebrated with JFK and then Prince Charles from tokyo Oy=lympocs 1964- Akio Morita being invited to make Japan's fiorst inward invetsment in EuropeAlatmed by fearmongering execution of us briadcatsunga nd decade of assassinations, father started futire history gener 1972- the world would need to respond to the 2 awful mistakes of Noxon as well as find good way to continue inviting China back to teh world economy it had been locked out of since Britrs tried to make opium a world trade curreny in 1960; Nixons disconnection of dolar and gold standard wounf mean firts priority of each new gen of tech applied to finace for peoples mcommunity markesd and small enterprsie networkinh;nixons war on colege stidents should be ended before stident debt becamse america's destruction of its hitech generation's good; by 1976 romano priodi joined in forst compete survey of entrepreneuroial revolution later joined by gifford pinchot's intrapreneurial now

Friday, April 30, 2021

what happened in washingon dc from my return from jeju summer 2017 to 21 january 2021 is the opposite of every community building practice i believe youth everywhere need education to be about- i realise i havent got what it takes to be a politcian in a fake media world but why would anyone want that? of course you the reader can decide but i hope you make your choice by december 2021 else we may never get out of needing to be vaccinated every 9 months and other dismal ritual

a replay of summer 2017 follows

Subject: here is some of the published history of green big bang club - korea's invitation to governors of sixth of world people to go carbon zero by 2030 Re: 回复:anyne got ideas on how to connect sixth of world people in race tocrabon zero

post conference interview =with governor won

this video especially from minute 6 explains why nature wants to be the smartest green half milion poetrson island -it is a predecessor to governor won's green big bang club introduced below

these are some of the other earlier publictaions on green tech partebrs island is looking for
i have yet to laser the governors presentaion i will try and do that within 24 hours

 the globa2.0 summits that partners of jinping and ma host are the most innovative networking events anyone can imagine reporting from gateway17 to beltoroad forum to china g20 to aiib2017 › Top News › World News
Jun 16, 2017 - South Korean President Moon Jae-in speaking at the second annual AIIB board of governors meeting in Jeju Island, South Korea on Friday.
president moon jae-in is the new president of the country and maybe only he and president abe can help jinping stop trump from warring with north korea - he trurned up to say he was glad the first summit- the first annual meeting of china's aiib hosted outside of china -  he spoke at was presenting hugely good news out of korea

basically delegates from 80 nations turned up to say there are no worldable models for getting investment in infrastructure or green outside of china (something jeffrey sachs new book on america makes even more clear)- so  presentations features  goals of what massive movements of people wanted to invest in while others explained why biggest banks as designed wont join in 

within an hour of the president jae-in of the country speaking the president won of the island of jeju which is mainly autonomous in developing its economy presented green big bang club which this artcle shows he  had also presented world economic forum

he wants to be in the middle of a club of up to 2500 governoirs ecah of places of up to half a million people who wanted to go zero carbon by 2030 and want to share ideas on how to do that - even if he doesnt get near 2500 this club is worth taking abiu to the sorts of mayors who eg surround bloomberg or  arnold shwarzenegger both of whom have visited macron in paris in last month to say even if trump withdrew from climate - regions and busiensses of america are still in

there were other meetings on experistise koreas lead in regarding supercities - for example it has built about 10 new towns - each within 5 years for half a million people including one which is a new entrepreneurial youth suburb outside seoul and another of which i think increased the population of jeju- these new towns are supposed to be the greenest safest best transportation places to live in

because jeju has only recently increased its population it doesnt yet have a college nor even formal high school syllabu - so it has in next year choice of whom it partners educationally and how green a curriculum jeju youth increasingly study -s this is urgent getting green curricula to jeju

i think it is true that jeju want to build a fairly rich ecotoursim island -it already has a world class conference centre- however aiib very deliberately includes delegations from very poor places like maldives and papua new guinea both regions are having coral destroyed and with parts of bangladesh will be first to be washed away by increase in temperatire - so even if green big bang club chases some highly developed solutions its place as a turning point in history of big banking models must go small (or digital currencies must exclude big banking)  can multiply  with chinas aiib -this  can be presented back to top people in aiib in beijing - this is where i took the chance to ask questions from the floor to 3 of the most interesting top people two of which happened to be british-

i ask for help in trying to change major chinese global2.0 summits into curricula youth are freed to entrepreneur around (especially digital wizard) and massive job creation networks so green big bang club fits that - I am doing this so that if they wish chinese and global youth networks can quickly take over the youth connections all these leaders summits need if under 30s are to get te education and jobs investments they need to be the sustainability generation - of course i welcome advice if people see better ways of connecting this

maybe mostofa can edit down some of green big bang club and send it to paul rose the bbc oceans and fanatical climate champion and michael palin on cultures the bbc's greatest corespondent on cultures who did a massive program on brazil hoping that country would take off in inspiring people over last 4 years while it was in olympics and football world cup but which it has so failed to do- brazil is also a lesson of what must not happen to tokyo and the alibaba series of olympics or to sarah butler sloss who formed with prince charles and who i introduced nail to so that she and sherry tross could attend the number one un fiurst ladies fashion summit

so here's a published article on aiib2017

By Ko Chang-nam
The 2017 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)'s annual meeting in Jeju is scheduled to be held from June 16 to 18. The meeting is AIIB's flagship event and this year's meeting is the second one following the Beijing meeting the previous year.

Over 2000 delegates, including governors and finance ministers of member countries as well as presidents of central banks, representatives of international organizations, businessmen from infrastructure-related industries and financial institutions, and participants from civil society organizations and leading experts from a range of fields are expected to take part in to talk about how to build a better and more sustainable future.

The AIIB is a multi-lateral development bank (MDB) which is aimed at fostering sustainable economic development, creating wealth and improving infrastructure connectivity in Asia by investing in infrastructure and other productive sectors, and its headquarters are located in Beijing, the People's Republic of China. This year's annual meeting is the first one to be held outside China. The theme of this year's annual meeting is "Sustainable Infrastructure." The program will be composed of the annual meeting and various international seminars, investment fora, business meetings and exhibitions to share knowledge and opinions about infrastructure development.

Therefore, the 2017 AIIB Jeju meeting is a very important opportunity for the AIIB itself and for Jeju Island. Through this opportunity, the Republic of Korea is expected to play a leading role in the development of infrastructure and the discussion of economic growth in Asia as a host country of the meeting.

Meanwhile, the Jeju Island Governor made a presentation on a "Carbon-free Island" project at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, France. Jeju Island will transform itself into a carbon-free island by replacing its entire fleet of cars with electric vehicles and meeting 100 percent of its energy needs through renewable energy sources by 2030, and it will be in line with the AIIB's theme of "Sustainable Infrastructure" at its second annual meeting.

In this context, Jeju Island is emerging as the foothold of "Sustainable Infrastructure." including electric vehicles, smart grid and its related industry in Korea. In January, the Jeju Island Governor made a presentation on the "Jeju Green Big Bang" project at the Davos World Economic Forum, and it is an ambitious project aimed at the 4th industrial revolution in the field of electric power systems, reducing greenhouse gas and promoting industrial development.

In addition, Jeju Island is advancing a project of constructing its second international airport because the existing Jeju international airport has already reached its capacity. Taking this opportunity of hosting the 2017 AIIB Annual Meeting, the Jeju Island Governor and the residents of the island have high hopes that the AIIB will finance the second Jeju International Airport project.

In conclusion, the AIIB's second annual meeting will serve as a platform for the AIIB to firmly position itself as a multilateral development bank mandated in infrastructure development, and Jeju Island is expected to firm up its position as the center of "Sustainable Infrastructure" and "Green Infrastructure" in Korea and abroad, thus boosting economic growth and international cooperation in the field of infrastructure development. 

The writer is a former Economic Affairs Officer of the United Nations ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific). Write to

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Hi Chris,

Thank you of sharing these information.Would you mind sharing with me the name of this Korean entrepreneur? I would like to do some research on him. 

To answer your question, I think among all the schools that I have been admitted to, none of them are bad choices. I chose Columbia mainly because of its location, the unique approach of Development Practice program, future networks of students and professors. 

I think it would be a good idea to put Jack Ma's story into MOOCs. If I remember correctly of Jack Ma's Hupan University, their curriculums focus not on success of business but failure and mistakes they've made in the past. If you have further actionable plans or ideas on this, I am willing to contribute by doing research related to Jack Ma and Alibaba or anything I can be helpful.


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in korea at the asian infrastructure investment bank, the governor of the island hosting the summit launched green big bang club to link in 2500 governors racing to carbon zero economies

mostofa can you explain connections (bbc prince charles etc) we have made in uk after last decade that can be relevant to this so that ian and amy can then add views

two hi-level bruts are pivotal to aiib - its ine of the few voices we curently have left unless someone gets out of brexit or develops other world trade summits directly between english and chinese

to fail to connect amys networks -and those of all if us-  now is an extreme failure of marketing imo - amy do you want to explain why you have chosen to study at columbia uni in jeffrey sachs earth institute from mid aug

if anyone wants to turn jack ma stories into a massive education curriculum please join at this linkedin group