50 years ago a billion village women and a former oil company ceo started networking NFTs (that wasnt the jargon they used ; for 25 years with electricity) they designed NFT4 3 2 1 and partnership of 5,6 and resilience 7 upwards. We are using SDG code numbers which weren't declared by nations as relevant to gravitate around to 2015. What happened at the end of the 20th C is someone at a silicon valley millennium goals party asked the billion girls envoy to share their knowhow across hemispheres. So the GOUP Global University of Poverty was formed inviting all female graduates to collaborate across communities needed sdg solutions - in other words, NFT world started to to loop the loop 4 3 2 1 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5&17 (ie not PPP but me-too joyful PWomenP) -Is this the right stuff of millennial world's greatests celebrities SDgoats.com and naturally the most loving players sdgs.games (lets co-blog, roadmap, and see what humanlty and AI possible) Thanks to Meta-womens. 1980s TeachforSdgs.com : Norman Macrae started 1980s prepping for his last of 5 decades at The Economist; co-authored with son chris- 2025 report timelined most likely exponential challenges every decade to sustainability/extinction denouement 2030; eg 1980s to prep- reunite russian people with berlin wall expected to fall 1989; start tracking with digital health and jobs rich education gets communally better served everywhere; one way to keep on track was to audit new livelihoods for younger half of the world as shown

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

fantasy league coaches - who are yours

in memoriam - never can my self replace what i learnt from fazle abed
league of 30 most massive and deep collabs needed for generation sustainability!<>

still life since 2019 continues


goal 6 sanitation jack sim - he's world leading citizen on goal 6 sanitation solutions/curricula and also host of  www.bophub.org - he's always asking how his alumni can help likeminded teams

please note: any commentary errors solely mine chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk -  people in our emerging hall of coaching fame below are among the www.sdgoats.com - being sustainability greatest of all time does not get all the awards you might expect

we are launching flatiron august meta festival ny 2022 - if you want to co-direct this i am at +1 240 316 8157 - more news soon
Because our system purpose is collab valuing younger half of world as first sustainability generation, we segment UN PPP into 6 public-private triads
&Youth -see eg Institute of Peace (DC) , UGP Geneva (morphed from weforum young shapers)
& Poor - true francsican or abedian networks
& women abedian networks 7
& tech eg alumni of www.metaverseprize.org, OR AIforgood component of UN2.0
& Climate - our hope is netherlands GCA.org -w ahst yours
& infreastructure -korea's jeju summit 2017 was the best we'd felt included in but then you might ask yourself do any of the inhabited continents have a transparemnt infrastucture bannking moidel America, EU, ASia & Africa and as to barely havited plaet roofs Arcic & Antarctic circles no way jose; perhaps the desrts of the guf may yer clarify equiatbele ocean routes (once superport locations are chosen inland infrasructure mapping- girl that needs lot of ytransparent mapping

here are our early sighting of fantasy league coches _SDG by SDG - whether their generation support is  for the year round sdg competition www.sdgmetaverseprize.org or and supporting cast of UN2.0 (see world record jobs creator guterres)

goal 4 team vriti ; team sunita

goal 5 team jeanne (plus of course shameran abed)

team 2 maurice at world bank has all the food data a stasts guy like me could die for- we'd alway go search out who world food prize says is currently borlauig's alumni epicentre

3 i absolutely admire jim kim and larry brilliant but noyt the funding or brand mecahisms that sometimes seem to block their advice at the worlds most critical health junctures ; I do know one person who i trust on AI in health but he prefers to get on with his work rather get pulled into debates; i think what fei-fei li does at stanford is miraculous - equally admore all the entworks around her so she can get on with real work and sharing real info not all the hogwas ai venture capiatlism seems to arm; i re=uly hope there are dozen more budding fei-feis at stanford and I applaud jow JY and AN appear to keep stanfird aigood worldwide in spite of all the bad blood busienss adminstratirs most us academics seems to have fallen victom to- after all if tech had truly been ipen sourced- sustainability would have been the first rewards of the milennial generation

we undestand of all green goals embedded in 7-16 is applauded by prince charles and japan empwero - whilst the bbc has 2 outstanding program fronts david attenborough and paul rose - industry never seems to co-creat with them; i would say at a community level nhkworld has catlogued at least 500 solutions relevant to Asians but unless you know how they dont seem to be updated as a curriculum

stanford latest billion dolar school is built round speed & scale values of some of silicon valley oldest capitalists - see eg Econjomist 1982 survey- who knows whether such networks will help with climate web3- obviously musk and singulatrity university get on with industry sectirs that they believe can withing their bsuienss models go greener rather than more carbon but its unclear what that will scale in time unless suddenly americas ceos twitter like musk (oops maybe that's this post's delibarate mistake?! I acnt work musk out but I would certainly listen when he's beening asked what else can engineering do

-and starngely there is a rumor that the whole hong kong sta=rtup scene only wnet into overdrive after a musque conference 

we are currently unable to comment on china research folwing tech wixards like jack ma 2007-2017 showed in total more chinese youth than rest of the world's youth innovating green chnage but unless you know of ways to maintain frinedships without antagonising the 15 most powerful national leaders in the wporld we dont - if you want to read expert commentaries up to 2017 see ezra vogel or kissinger on why welebrating borderless youth exchannges is likely essential to there being sustainabgility generation

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