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Sunday, July 17, 2022

nft sdg2 food = a first look -with a few clies why nft4 education can win-win with every nft sdg

 toplink satoshi-mathematuically designed nfts for good , bad or extinction

If you search nft in food today- you may first see that purposeful chefs have a new opportunity (to design what they want to do with a life time of food action learning from the beginning of that journey) - what examples do we have of designing a restaurant to bring a whole community together, and how can we viralise that good news on web 3 where you can curate a visit to anywhere vaut le voyage? or what examples do we have of testing new microfranchises? -eg could a food chain maximise local fast food recipes so as to minimise the costs to sustainability of flying in foods or mass processing them and then trucking across a continent. 

These are examples of advanced countries citizens celebrating civic bests towards more sustainable consumption but also recognising possibilities that slow food festivals actually become celebrations that build community, It may be a trivial example, but when  you see the national uplift from street parties coming out all over the UK to celebrate a major anniversary of the queen, do you ever ask why not street parties every summer month; or in ecotourism areas every week; or if you have tracked new york in the last 10 yeras you will find how food microfranchsies have rejuvenated every park space as happy community meeting- especially good for families and kids; and in bracelona the america international school has gone a step futher -m iyts turned on park into achildren and teachers lab- every child from 7 up has at least one service learningproject- and from veggies and spice gardening - to apps making sure every animal or plat is identifiable and linked in to studying its maximal contributions to green generation - there is so much education that kids can help aduls do if only we saw learning in an era of 100 tiems more tech per decade as a 2-way or every-way street instead og one elite's standard curriculum which has become irrelevant to majority of future livelihoods

Given how many smartest youth of their generation intern in Washibnton dc, its a crying shame that the place I live in has not in this 21st C era of webs been known as capital incubator of many worldwide innovations for good- but one is how world & dc kuchen demo ability to scale up in serving food in disaster areas; 

Benchmark kitchens make you wonder why dont local governments app the canteen and good food practices out of the many large schools Americans habitually build; its such a waste to have a public property working 10 hours a day when its facilities (presumably best public can mmuster) could celebrate different community-building jobs 24/7- after long after school hours, all when shops close - a lot of fresh food is wasted unless its quickly passed on to cook and store (why isnt every urban region mapped like that- how come huge us populations live in food deserts where effectively no fresh food is on sale unless you are very rich) why on earth is the whole food design only serving the rich when a similarly efficient nft funded  colab entrepreneur newtork coudl work out how to doordah fressh melas to every family with children; good food served effectively would be a lot less colstly than the cost of obesity or the mentaland other costs of a child growing up in hunger: we need poistive cash flow services proving a local models viability but understanding the blending fund of this in part scomes from better value than tax would otherwise be spent on;it is ridiculous how few governments across america really benchmark best local solutions from other juradistions- the etch is there to zoom best ideas for colaborating around

I also wonder if some folk at goglemaps and google.org lost their brains- why for example shouldnt google.org advertise on googlemap - did you know there is a food desert within 10 miles of you (wherever there is one); this way humns deep learning and machiens deep learning would progress in tandem; you dont need to be the great at data scciens to apply a map; in fact the transparency of maps may yet turn out to be a number correlatir of places being designed to prevent family's extinction; lets hope that the world number 1 nft fir sdg4 includes apping maps as core flow of what students, teachers and communities expoeentially grow each others skils around

instead of homework i would quite seriiusly suggest schools host a sustainability sharktank every day with live hosting rotated across the region and everyone zooming in; but beware abc shark tank judges have exactly the opposite expertise from that which sustainability nft finaciers will need; in fact i doubt if any of them would pass a 5th grade test on the nfts the united nations and the united states both need  if govtech2.0 is to bring back joy and happy life interactions with public servants intead of the hateful opposite that dc has become world epicentre of politickingg at since 2017 or whenever it was that politicians syarted to use web0 (braidcasting technology_ to talk instead of walk development of families and of of sustainble future states-please note in soem ways the eutropena union that I have grown up with (i only started studying dc when i was over 50) has a different but more wordlwide disatrous faultline - its spent the 3 decades of web1,2 embedding all europena depence on dirty russian energy;  I doubt if the Eu's intergenrational (expeoentaol)if policies could have been designed to make 2020s europe as dismal as 1920s europe.

There is good news if you wish to analyse it tjhis way; less than 25% of peopel are transatlantic people of usa and west europes; in fact arguable less than 15%where the atlantic dircetly hit europe's coastlines (ie east europe and south east europe since the suex=z canal are mi=uch more dependednyt on equality of pacific trade maps where 75% plus of humans need to work out how ton play 2020s www.sdgs.games - what this mweans for web3 metaverse - learning without boddresr is absolutely essential if deep ai learning is to be as deep as mother nature's exponentail systems0

 mapping wise the locations of tjhe main oil reserves in the middle east and russian arctuc circle pose t an extreme irony - all human life depemds on peace orbiting out of tehse regions because they are as trading route's game piecs go in the ineractive midst of  both the 80% of peoples who are ethnically non white and the less than 20% who are white (if indeed skin color matter to being native of anywhjere let alone digital space)

growing up in london in 3rd quarter of a ecntury - the last predigital one- I wondered whu=y hostory and engineering tuaght k-12 never reached the 20th C; my father who was very busy surveying futtuires of peopels around the world for the economist see www.teachforsdgs.com used to say dont woirry most hostiry is bunk; it was only later I realsied he maeant that i grew up there was no agree examination curriciulum on what britannia as worlds biggest coloniser had left behind as an expoenetial mess - and how the responsibility for investing beyoing tjis mess somehow shifted fro pound as gold reserve globa currency to dollar as gold reserve to from 1971 noweher as paper currency backed up byany natural commodity - so i guessdad's 1972 survey suggesting fintech would urgently need to come up with a solution to this is why the search for cashless baking is interesting whether its the world's largest g2 (web1) cashless bank in population served the bkash partnership or satoshi-mathematuically designed nfts for good , bad or extinction

In some Asian countries, ther are as many as 12000 great rural brands - what this means is there is high added value to processing and dsitributing a food in the most nutritious and often elast carbon way; in these asian coutries rural ecommerce has been designed as a sustainability priortoty - the greatest ecoomerce leaders are maximising ecomerce to inclide those that previous tech has left out not leaving it to a genius like bezos to design a rich get better served moel that takes over increasing all public logistocs infarstructure and is skewed agains including all lovcal communities ; against nourisking every whicld; there is no eveidence that traditional stock markets are going to make the leap to innovating last mile fersh foods for all - it will likely come from BFT workd, Daos. Defi, designing metaverse to maximise stories on web3 that child food nutrition can be mapped

of course there is much more on the procucer size; now drones connected to all sorts of most relevant metrucs to crop & climate can share knowhow however small the farm; nfts can design cooperatives so that the original producer has more share of the whole value chain; in asian womens empowetment 2020-1970 worked in nations with mostly rural people working out which agricultural value chanins needed to be designed to include the smallest faremrs bot so they didnt starve and because microfranchises embed postive cash flow locally inside comeunities- when the wporld loses ssutainability on anything teh early warning signs are the most doscinnecetd communities that fail first - asian women empwerment change the hwole top down model of aid and has contributed more designs relevant to todays youth being teh sustainability generation than any if the richest nations;

all this hist the fan when we ask what is the deepest nmost diverse daya relvant to nutrition for all- if we get ai good for every next girls nutrition we can serously celebrate achieving goal 2 and 1billiin girls top 30 colaborations have shown getting food sustainability system designs good connects with getting health good, and education good, and 10000 person communities valuing owmen as much as mena, and clean water and sanitaion - and all that could beging with nft food finacing hwat eg the 300 trillion dolars of wetern pesin funds declares not to be asset grade- there is zero likelihood that those running the wests bigegst investmnet ffod s will innovate what nft sdg2 can do if youth help tecahers help parenst understand this good news stiory from the very begiining of web 3


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