50 years ago a billion village women and a former oil company ceo started networking NFTs (that wasnt the jargon they used ; for 25 years with electricity) they designed NFT4 3 2 1 and partnership of 5,6 and resilience 7 upwards. We are using SDG code numbers which weren't declared by nations as relevant to gravitate around to 2015. What happened at the end of the 20th C is someone at a silicon valley millennium goals party asked the billion girls envoy to share their knowhow across hemispheres. So the GOUP Global University of Poverty was formed inviting all female graduates to collaborate across communities needed sdg solutions - in other words, NFT world started to to loop the loop 4 3 2 1 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5&17 (ie not PPP but me-too joyful PWomenP) -Is this the right stuff of millennial world's greatests celebrities SDgoats.com and naturally the most loving players sdgs.games (lets co-blog, roadmap, and see what humanlty and AI possible) Thanks to Meta-womens. 1980s TeachforSdgs.com : Norman Macrae started 1980s prepping for his last of 5 decades at The Economist; co-authored with son chris- 2025 report timelined most likely exponential challenges every decade to sustainability/extinction denouement 2030; eg 1980s to prep- reunite russian people with berlin wall expected to fall 1989; start tracking with digital health and jobs rich education gets communally better served everywhere; one way to keep on track was to audit new livelihoods for younger half of the world as shown

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

 In the 2020s, planet earth comprises approximately 8 billion human beings. From the human viewpoint we are connected by extraordinary natural resources and engines from 1760s Glasgow  (where both sides of my Diaspora Scots family tree emerged) compounding exponentially faster results from 1945 (Extraordinary engineering resources  these writing will often call technology or just tech

PLAYING IN 5+ Different Worlds

 We should note that our tech resources also need fueling which can be problematical when this competes for the fuel (clean food, water and, last mile access ) humans particularly babies need several times a day. A notable problem is that we peoples and our legislatures are now conditioned by 5+ different mindsets of what is possible, and sadly our legislatures are often stuck with rules conditioned by lower levels of tech. I say sadly because the network of mathematicians who gave us possibilities to leap forward with up to 100 times more tech per decade since 1945 were very clear- technological advances would either sustain or extinguish us all. My family is one of those who has both written biographies of how mathematicians came to this view and advocated that journalists for humanity need to keep asking what to do next with 100 times more tech. This book assumes this tech for sustainability hypothesis. In fact the year i was born 1951, my father (by then future systems journalist at the Economist) who had survived being teenage navigator allied bomber command burma was meeting von neumann in princeton- so you could say every view i ever heard from my parents was forward bias by questioning where would 100 times more tech connect humanity to. Of course by the late 1950s the idea of the moon race was achievable within one decade of 100 times more tech means i was not alone from primary up ih hoping to grow up (celebrate with peer friends), eg David attenborogh's son, or later 1972 Cambridge maths lab DAMTP) with more future surprises than shocks. Every day of my adult life I work with data. I know I am not a mathematical great but I feel I owe it to anyone I work with to be curious about data, to be looking at probabilities never certainties, to value exponential (see valuetrue.com) which is an opposite audit from demanding one single number 


Lets move on to the 5+ world's people imaginations and innovative drive live in. Some of us are entering a world called web 3- the most tech advanced of all. It is vital that we clarify what makes web different from web and web1.  By the early 1980s when father and I wrote the first 2025 report it was possible to imagine entering web 1 world which the world got immersed in when Tim Bernes Lee launched the world wide to connect all those who ha=d started working with personal computers as a main part of time spent at work or at play. Web 2 changed when mobile phones and other personal devices beyond the wired up personal computing networks became the way advanced users webbed. Critically this brought with it huge amounts of data logging up where on earth data was streaming in - be this what humans were doing or indeed what was happening to nature.

We define the two worlds before web1 as web 0 and web00. Web0 was with electricity and televisions and telecommunications but these were either one way modes of communicating or where they were two way data was not really being kept of what people's interactions meant at least not in ways that real time decisions could change on the basis of all this chatting in theory transparent to everyone. Web00 is living in a world without electricity and so with out any of the massive communications modes.

GAMES OF WEB00 world, and 5+ ? EconomistDiary.com

i found this world of village network developed with no electricity  hard to imagine but since 9/11 i got the opportunity to go to Bangaldesh 16 times with young journalisers and we have diarised 2019-1972 of how village mothers developed this world www.abedmooc.com - i would recommend this as the most exciting innovation tale and map of collaboration partnerships of humanity networking at the best loving most kindest communities of 100000 people at at time can generate.

 We mention 5+ because if sustainability depended on equalising access to the most advanced technologies then some peoples would need to leap across technologies missing out altogether on a stage which others had spent yerars or even decades being culturally shaped by


I am sure that this summary can be argued about as over simplifying (also valuing connections where other value silos) but equally if we are to play the sustainability goal games, we need educators and others to be empathic to where different geographies or demographics of people are coming from (including places where different children in the same nation or legislature may have different levels of web access as indeed may their teachers or adult role models.

And so when the United Nations declared 17 sustainability goals in 2015 and that by 2030 we should at least be exponentially connecting in upward directions for all peoples and all goals, this means that legislatures as well as peoples had a lot of catch up to do. Fortunately the leader of the UN for ten years since the end of 2016 has been engineer Guterres and he has made it clear that everything his 10 year stewardship does will keep roadmapping digital UN. If he succeeds we will have gov tech models not just globally but at every last mile local level of service that the world ultimately class on the Un to deliver when all other system shave failed.

So thats why I am trying to change 75 years of my families diaries since talking to john von neumann as a contribution towards eg Guterres over all efforts and I invite all those lucky enough to have had data and other connections with these overall roadmaps to join in. This is ultimately the ,sot massive education job -one in which probably anyone contributing positively will need to take on roles as both lifelong studemnt and teacher . 

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