199 nations are publishing climate promises & demands to each other - which do you like best - eg france after 2040 ban on selling gas /diesel cars
breaking news: GREEN BIG BANG CLUB: Governor Won Hee-Ryong of Korea's independent region Jeju Island is inviting a sixth of the world's people to become carbon zero by 2030- his preference is for regions of half a million people to join his benchmarking club on how to do this - jeju also accepts immigration from anyone bringing enough green resources - it was host of the first summit hosted outside china on the futures' sustainable investment banks attended by 80 nations delegations
Governor Won interviews futurists - series 1

Interview with Won Hee-Ryong, Governor of Jeju Provincial Government

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Friday, February 23, 2018

can we assemble 5th grade (teachers. student) quiz on greenest projects to watch

who could be sources

track  preparing wise@paris march 2019 and continuing to tokyo g20 -links to  coordination of climate summit  jinping macron   (pope  francis)

arctic council friends  -see arctic as one of 8 most vital belt road routes- the most natural uning nwe hemispheres!

breakthrough investors club

various climate networks linked to prince charles   bbc nature (see mays gift to jinping of latest attenborough)

2020  year of youth expo from  dubai to tokyo

language club - chinese english mother tongue