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Saturday, April 30, 2022

what might goal 2 food NFTs look like

How many times does europe need to be the lab for potential world war? It really makes no sense to me that EU and German bureac=icrats became ,achine energy depednet on Russia, and now not only does the contagion of war seem to have no boders but starvation of the poorest will know no boundaries wither as ukraine was a bread basket to human life

 I dont think I have a full answer but I think I can list up to investigative stories that should be amo=ng the most popular web pages and updated at least monthluy on nightly news. There seems to me to be a muddle the world over betwen needs ofhuman energy (food and water) and machine energy. How thos most urgentlly play out depends on whetre either nature has given up on humans or where hattred filed media has caused politicians or others to give up.

Lets take some examples. There is no particular oder here.

 The supply chains of baby's milk are very strange and have through many decades risen up chaotically and then appeared to be sorted. Rather like finacial bubbles - I see such serail events as indicating ever increasing risk not that we have truly fixed a broken system. Apparemtly USA at time of writing has less than half thye baby food its most alergic babies need because the government fixed proices for a huge purchase at a rate which made manufctauring milk a company's ;east profitable. So when stresses like covidf happened surprise surprise it was the least profitable factory that was likely to break don first. So this is a problem when prices are regulated to be too cheap for competition to thrive. The opposite of many unworkable regulations in teh wwest but noteworthy all the sane. Its odd how often milk stories figure. One of the biggest frauds of the early 2000s was parmalat - milk across European Union. Prevuously I am told by my number 1 hero of helping billion women end poverty that he had to time entry into nationwide leadership of dried milk very carefully - he had to wait until the EU common ag policy had stopeed dumping milk. Thos who have followed EU from messina birth like my family know that the concept of the EU to end Europe as number 1 space fir planting workd wards was extrotrdinary. But by the time Brusels intruduced the common agricultural policy it was effectively ending real attemps to sustain independent nations which European colonisers still help most responsibility for.

If you think the story of milk is controversdial consider red meat. Now I am guilty if one a year it was ok to enjot a birthday steakhouse that's what my palate would chose other things being equal. But its only recently we havbe benen told that of every food farmer , red emat is the most climate catastrophic- its problem is it expoenetailly pollutes ozone in addition to other climate crsisi variables. Now I havent studied animals all my life but i did go to school briefly with david attenborougfh's son. So ye i am baissed to valuing attenboroughs stories - and he says if the rich really wanted to help with how human energy goal 2 and climate futures interact - the 3 communal pursi=uits rich citiznes would try to celebaret each other doing are:

waste less food - up to a third is wasted before its eaten in big cities

reduce air yttransport of foods- ie get back to much more local recipss- or tax luxury foods

and reduee red emat consumption.

Now Europe and USA have a huge problem wherever politicians preted states are united ebcause they say so when actually peoples behavviors vary by state. Texas is the state of red meat, oil, and gun economics. Its never going to stop believing the iusa and the wordl is driven by those things it jhas come to make such hiuge )and in its trems) efficient economies . There is no point people inside the betway saying usa is a dmeocracy when waht they mean is that any big state ensures its biigest intersts lead nations regulations- in effect all americans are sceond class citiznes to what texans choose. And I am not realy blaming texans but I do blame journalists (at laest this employed by public fud=nidng) for not making this story ransparent . It may seem that I have digressed but if you look at populationstatistics in USA they are maddeing. There are 3 big groups:

those with enough money to chose nutrtitious diets and have nutritious shops in their neighboorhoods

those who are obese

those often youth who are undernourished.

Now if thats the state of the world's richest nation , what does the food industry and governments of food tell the rest of us about sustainability.

What is sad is back in 1950, when there were little more tahn 2 billion people, about 2% of Asians were starving annually, and many peopel asked what would happen to population human. Fortunately largely one american researcher bIrlaug -open sourced solutions - that= saved up to half of humans starving - many times more locally productive small scale faring at least for staples. why isnt a curriculum of essential foods as much a literacy as anything else adults demand of literacyprimary schooling. This is a particulary western educational crisis but somewhere over the last 70 yrears you would have hoped a world2ide curriculum of food (human energy) and machine energy could have been webbed.

Towards the end of the 20t centiry, education world came up with a shocking claim - see www.underknowns.com - half of all human development is determined by age 6. Well this includes the first 1000 dau=ys of child nutrition which if it suboptimal reduces all future griwth of both body and brain. I do have another question for Texans not that I am intending to single out their state. If the childs right to life matters so much to you that you chase poorest women wanting an abortion out of teh state why havent you designed communities that ensut=re 100% nutritional care for all texans under 1000 days old. Of course this sjhows that goal 2 hman energy is surprsie connected iwth goal 3 health. When you look at why americans spend twice as much as other rich natiosn okn health care its certainly not the case that twice as much is spent on the helth of American childer. Now this may be part of a population trap that Amerucan media isnt honest about. Over half of anericans are over 45 (worldwide the number is 30). So it seems that in american democracy the majority is voting for elders needs not youths, and yet a nations' procuctivity depends mainly on the workinhg energiesd of its 15-60 year olds - at least for innovation. Its much much harder for brains over 60 to understand teh 100 tiems more tech per decade that americans greatest mathematicians (voon neuman and his peers) gifted us. Unless Americans confront the ssustainability crises insude america and across the conteinty of america, its noit going to be Asian compoetition that makes 21st C life ever more brur=tal on the american continent. And all because we cant work oyt how to balance human and machien devekopment in an age where admiyttedly big welath creation by the few may be exactly the opposite driver of sustainability of all youth 


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