50 years ago a billion village women and a former oil company ceo started networking NFTs (that wasnt the jargon they used ; for 25 years with electricity) they designed NFT4 3 2 1 and partnership of 5,6 and resilience 7 upwards. We are using SDG code numbers which weren't declared by nations as relevant to gravitate around to 2015. What happened at the end of the 20th C is someone at a silicon valley millennium goals party asked the billion girls envoy to share their knowhow across hemispheres. So the GOUP Global University of Poverty was formed inviting all female graduates to collaborate across communities needed sdg solutions - in other words, NFT world started to to loop the loop 4 3 2 1 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5&17 (ie not PPP but me-too joyful PWomenP) -Is this the right stuff of millennial world's greatests celebrities SDgoats.com and naturally the most loving players sdgs.games (lets co-blog, roadmap, and see what humanlty and AI possible) Thanks to Meta-womens. 1980s TeachforSdgs.com : Norman Macrae started 1980s prepping for his last of 5 decades at The Economist; co-authored with son chris- 2025 report timelined most likely exponential challenges every decade to sustainability/extinction denouement 2030; eg 1980s to prep- reunite russian people with berlin wall expected to fall 1989; start tracking with digital health and jobs rich education gets communally better served everywhere; one way to keep on track was to audit new livelihoods for younger half of the world as shown

Thursday, December 31, 1970

1990s norman finished last translation of 1984 report in 1993 with sweden's New vikings; and authored the first complete biography of von neumann ; while also writing weekly column for UK's Sunday Times2010 abedmooc.com comprising 30 most human collaborations to end poverty became the legacy project of norman macrae- the japan ambassador to bangladesh staged 2 remembrance parties where macrae's greatest hero of billion women empowerment brainstormed the future- particularly partnerships in missing curricula brac university sought to linkin as the UN prepped for the last goals of uniting youth to be the first sustainability generation not first extinction generation; it took total of 16 trips in 2010s to get abedmooc.com to current state - still work in progress chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk since everything microcreditsummit 1997-2017 storytold needs to be mapped more deeply to replicate microfranchsining solutions beyond bangaldesh and to app tech leapfroging eg nft of 1billiongirls.com
1950s Norman took the 100 times more question to Messina as only journalist at f1955ounding of EU and then 1962 dialogues with JFK celebrated his 100 times more goal of moon race and start of interdependent translational economic mapmaking.
Japan's Asia Rising models - supervllage/supercities published from 1962 in the Economist - celebrated with JFK and then Prince Charles from tokyo Olympics 1964- Akio Morita being invited to make Japan's first inward investment in Europe
Alarmed by fearmongering execution of us broadcasting and decade of assassinations, father started future history genre 1972- the world would need to respond to the 2 awful mistakes of Nixon as well as find good way to continue inviting China back to economic trade which it had been locked out of since Brits tried to make opium a world trade currency in 1860; Nixon's disconnection of dollar and gold standard would conflict with first priority of each new gen of tech applied to finance for peoples community markets and small/deep enterprise networking; nixons war on college students needed to be ended before student debt became america's destruction of its hitech generation's good; by 1976 romano prodi joined in first compete survey of entrepreneurial revolution soon joined by gifford pinchot's intrapreneurial now

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